Publikationen und Vorträge
Dr Katja Schindler Publikationen


ryptogenic organizing pneumonia due to amiodarone: long-term follow-up after corticosteroid treatment. Schindler K, Schima W, Kaliman JF.; Wien Klin Wochenschr. 2010

A rare case of primary rhabdoid melanoma of the urinary bladder treated with ipilimumab, an anti-CTLA 4 monoclonal antibody. Schindler K, Schicher N, Kunstfeld R, Pehamberger H, Toepker M, Haitel A, Hoeller C, Harmankaya K; Melanoma Res. 2012

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Kutane Nebenwirkungen onkologischer Therapien - Herausforderung und Chance

Schindler K, Hautnah 2015

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What does the future hold for immunotherapy in cancer? Naidoo J, Li B, Schindler K, Page DB; Ann Transl Med. 2016

Kongressvorträge und Abstracts

GDV Linz 2011: Five year experience in the treatment with anti CTLA-4 antibodies at the Skin Cancer Center of the Department of Dermatology, Medical University of Vienna. Schindler K., Harmankaya K, Schicher N., Binder M., Hoeller Ch., Pehamberger H.

EADV Prague 2011: An exceedingly rare case of primary rhabdoid melanoma of the urinary bladder.  Schindler K.,  Kunstfeld R., Pehamberger H. and Harmankaya K.

OGDV Linz 2012: The development of dermatologic adverse events under therapy with Sunitinib in patients with mRCC correlates to improved progression free and overall survival. Harmankaya K., Hoelzel R., Schindler K., Schicher N., Frantal S., Schmidinger M.

OGDV Linz 2012: Clinical Effect and side effects of the B-raf Inhibitor Vemurafenib  - Single Center Experience of the Skin Cancer Center of the University Clinic of  Dermatology Vienna. Schindler K., Harmankaya K, Schicher N., Silmbrod R., Pehamberger H.,Hoeller Ch

ADO Hannover 2012: Discrepancy between Staging according to m-WHO/RECIST versus immune-related Response Criteria on patients under anti- CTLA-4 antibody treatment. Harmankaya K., Schindler K., Schicher N., Silmbrod R., Pehamberger H., Hoeller Ch.

ADO Hannover 2012: DRESS-Syndrome under therapy with the B-raf Inhibitor Vemurafenib. Schindler K., Schicher N.,  Harmanakaya K., Wimmer N., Pehamberger H., Hoeller Ch.

ASCO Chicago 2013: Analysis of BRAF and NRAS mutation status in advanced melanoma patients treated with anti-CTLA-4 antibodies: Association with overall survival? Mangana J., Goldinger S.M., Schindler K., Rozati S., Frauchiger A.L., Rechsteiner M., Moch H., Romano E., Kaehler K.C., Michielin O., Hauschild A., Hoeller C, Dummer R.

ASCO Chicago 2013: Pretreatment levels of absolute and relative eosinophil count improve overall survival (OS) in patients with metastatic melanoma under treatment with Ipilimumab, an anti CTLA-4 antibody. Schindler K., Harmankaya K, Postow M.A., Frantal S., Bello D., Ariyan C.E., Michielin O.A., Hoeller C., Pehamberger H., Wolchok J.D.

ASCO Chicago 2014: Correlation of absolute and relative eosinophil counts with immune-related adverse events in melanoma patients treated with ipilimumab. Schindler K., Harmankaya K., Kuk D. , Mangana J., Michielin O., Hoeller C., Dummer R., Pehamberger H., Wolchok J.D.,  Postow M.A.

ASCO Chicago 2014: Clinical and histologic characterization of dermatologic adverse events from the pan-PI3K inhibitor buparlisib (BKM-120) Schindler K., Abraham R., Shah P., Chandarlapaty S., Paik P., Bell-McGuinn K., Bajorin D., Mellinghoff I., Younes A., Gounder M., Fury M., Busam K., Dickler M., Lacouture M

ÖGDV Vienna 2014: Cutaneous side effects of new oncologic treatments. Schindler K.

ÖGDV Vienna:  Anti PD-1 antibodies for treatment of metastatic melanoma – Single Center Experience of the Skin Cancer Center of the University Clinic of Dermatology Vienna Schindler K.